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Landmark has joined the Arts Council National Portfolio as a major new curating and creating theatre organisation working initially in North Devon and Peterborough.  The new organisation has been brought into being through an innovative partnership led by Paul Jepson and David Hutchinson.

Paul Jepson is the founding CEO & Creative Director of Landmark and David Hutchinson is the first Chair of trustees.

Landmark Theatres’ vision is to grow a community embedded national organisation delivering the highest quality theatre by, to and for the widest demographic in some of the least traditionally engaged places in England.

This new outlook will allow the organisation to consolidate their operations, offering a greater opportunity to meet the needs of the people and audiences they serve in their existing communities. It will grow their potential to expand into areas of low engagement across the UK whilst creating an efficient, sustainable and pioneering new model to running regional Theatres.


Landmark Theatres will continue to operate The Key and The New Theatres in Peterborough and The Landmark and The Queen’s Theatre in North Devon. This move reflects the first step in their evolution and will see Landmark Theatres as a Limited Not for Profit Organisation ahead of receiving charitable status later this year.


Landmark Theatres are working in partnership with organisations nationally and regionally including the National Theatre, Birmingham Royal Ballet, funded touring theatres, consortia of regional producing houses, education institutions, health and wellbeing providers and other community embedded organisations, new writing specialist organisations and commercial management – including of course Selladoor Worldwide. This partnership working aims of maximise capacity to contribute to change.

Above all Landmark Theatres seek to fulfil objectives through a single governance and leadership structure that works across multiple venues in multiple places creating opportunities for efficiency, shared learning and innovation.

Landmark Theatres have an in-depth understanding of the places in which they work and value that a funded producing theatre can provide a driver for enhancing the economic and social wellbeing of towns and cities. This new organisation brings a commitment to being a change maker and to being both a value led and teaching and learning organisation, being respective and responsive to the audiences it serves.

Paul Jepson said:


“The last few years have been challenging for the Arts and theatre Industry and in this post-pandemic environment we clearly identified the need to for a new type of theatre organisation.  One that is up to the challenge of delivering additional capacity in areas that have previously been less well served.


We are building on the legacy of our founding partner, Selladoor Venues, to provide increasingly relevant and exciting spaces, places and prospects in the communities we currently serve, whilst identifying further opportunities to apply this approach to work with other disengaged communities across the UK. We are committed to continue to bring an excellent range of high-quality live entertainment to our audiences, whilst also empowering the creative process as a production company to create new and exciting work and look forward to sharing this with our communities and audiences as we move forward.”


As the largest new theatre entrant to the Arts Council National Portfolio of regularly funded organisations, Landmark Theatres can work with others to respond to the challenge of tackling disproportionality.


David Hutchinson said:


“This is a hugely exciting time in the evolution of Selladoor Venues. With a first-class leadership team in  place to help drive their massive ambitions, Landmark Theatres has a clear vision which focusses on innovations in participation, inclusivity and creating unique talent pathways alongside the creation of important and relevant theatre.


I’m delighted to join the Board as Chair and am looking forward to embarking on the next step of the journey with these fantastic venues leading the change and to seeing what will be achieved as we look towards the future. With their mission to harness, nurture and empower the creative process I have no doubt that Landmark Theatres will fast become a powerhouse producer in the UK”


The Senior Leadership Team includes Jag Singh, General Manager (Peterborough), Mark Farley, General Manager (North Devon), Natalie Phillips, Head of Content, Ben Lyon-Ross, Head of Talent & Participation, Salman Khan, Head of Finance.


Mark Farley, General Manager for North Devon theatres said:


“Today’s news marks a period of significant growth for both the Landmark Ilfracombe and the Queen’s Theatre in Barnstaple .  We are thrilled that our progression into NPO status as Landmark Theatres will allow us an even greater opportunity to meet the needs of the people of North Devon with a clear focus on sustainability for the future.  We’re committed to working closely with our communities, partners and industry leaders to provide engaging and exciting theatre and arts opportunities, creating spaces and experiences which are relevant to you and helping to ensure our beautiful North Devon venues stay firmly on the map. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon! ”


Current board members include: David Hutchinson (Chair), Harriet Finney (Deputy Chair), Tom Wilcox.

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