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Barry Steele & Friends : The Roy Orbison Story

Barry Steele & Friends : The Roy Orbison Story

Fri 14 Jun

In 1963 Roy Orbison performed for the first time, at The Adelphi in Slough – in December 2018 Barry Steele performed at The Adelphi Theatre in London’s West End.

In 1988 Roy Orbison joined ‘The Traveling Wilburys.’- in Barry Steele and Friends the whole cast comes together to create an incredible fusion of Rock n roll as they truly capture the essence of this original super group.

In 2017 Roy Orbison classics were premastered by The Philharmonic orchestra! – Barry Steele and Friends proudly presents their versions of these masterpieces and in 2019. Chris Isaak collected many awards on behalf of The Orbison Family – he also recorded many of Roy Orbison’s songs – in Barry Steele and Friends the compliment is returned with stunning versions of global smash hits ‘Blue Hotel and Wicked Game.’

Barry Steele and a fabulous cast of musicians and singers will take you on a musical journey from ‘The Black and White Night’ right through to the Traveling Wilburys and beyond – with so much more in between. They promise they’ll have you dancing in those aisles, in an evening jam-packed with solid gold hits – Rock and Roll with style.