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Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here ?

Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here ?

Thu 30 May

Zeph Churchill is a retired Nurse from Spalding, Lincolnshire. She is passionate about improving the lives of menopausal women to prevent them having to linger in the frozen pea section of the supermarket to relieve a hot flush! She wants to rid the world of the advice she had been given to manage her own menopause of : ‘Just pop your cardigan off dear’ and ‘Why don’t you throw a Tupperware party?’

Having earned her Brownie Badge for being a ‘Moody Cow’ over the past 7 years and with her specialism in menopause and her ‘Knicker-drenchingly good’ stage show, Zeph ‘normalises the normal’ mid-life stage of peri-menopause and menopause through her witty stand-up, education, songs and demonstrations to answer all those questions about menopause that you were too afraid to ask; such as ‘Why do I want to kill my husband?’, ‘What did I come upstairs for?, ‘Who are you?, ‘Did you put my libido out with rubbish dear?’ and ‘Is it me, or is it hot in here?’

So, pop a patch on, grab a Tena, bring your friends and we’ll turn the heating down low for a ‘Zephervescent night of education and comedy’ you won’t forget in a hurry- unless your brain fog kicks in!

‘Hilarious in parts and poignant in others… delivered through comic visuals, props including a huge pair of knitted breasts, songs and jokes.’

Spalding Today