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The José Almarcha Flamenco Trio
The José Almarcha Flamenco Trio

The José Almarcha Flamenco Trio

Sun 23 Jun


Jose Almarcha: Guitar

Lucia Ruibal: Dancer,Palmas

Demi Garcia Sabat: Percussion

José Almarcha is a virtuoso guitarist, with an extensive artistic career. His tireless exploration of the instrument has allowed him to develop his own personal language which also highlights his outstanding technique. He regularly composes for and performs with Spanish dance companies such as Olga Pericet, Marcos Flores, Antonio Canales, Sara Calero and José Manuel Álvarez.

Lucía Ruibal is an accomplished dancer from El Puerto de Santa María near Cádiz. She often performs with her father, Javier Ruibal, the popular singer-songwriter. Lucía studied flamenco dance with La Lupi and Mercedes Ruíz and performs in Madrid with major flamenco groups such as those of Rafael Amargo and Juan de Juan.

Demi García Sabat is a versatile percussionist who performs with flamenco, jazz, Latin and Arabic groups around the UK and Europe. Demi studied at the London College of Music.

A conceptual flamenco music concert that you cannot afford to miss, if you are a lover of this art form.